Teaching students to learn and retain is the key to a solid academic life. Through collaborations and partnerships within the community utilizing the resources of the local school districts, colleges and major universities afford the Foundation a path of least resistance to be successful. After school programs focused on STEM courses are critical to each students path in academia.


Preparing our youth for the future in the present is vitally important to the success of their development. We understand how important it is to train up a child in the way he or she should grow. Therefore our goal is to provide motivation, direction, training, coaching, advice and support in order to achieve ultimate Success!

Groceries to take home

Currently working on available programs

Go to the “Resources” tab for information on local food pantries


The Foundation is committed to the community. It is our responsibility to donate our time and support to bring financial institutions in to present options for Retirement, Investment, Insurance, Estate Planning, Tax, Family Budgets and Lifestyle changes.

Health & Fitness

The Foundation is focused on ‘Urban Health and Wellbeing’ which is at the heart of taking a holistic approach to make a change within the community. Partnering with other like-minded health organizations and agencies, the Foundation will utilize every resource available to raise the level of good health awareness.


The Foundation’s resources will greatly enhance the efforts of youth and adults seeking grants for education at the collegiate level. We understand that the high costs of attending universities and colleges has escalated over the years. However, our commitment to serving those who desire to achieve excellence is 1st and foremost.

Special Events

Building a ‘win win’ attitude in the urban community is realized through the valued information presented at the Foundation’s Conferences, Seminars, Health Fairs, Luncheons and Community Outreach.

Program News

Events, Announcements, News and Celebration of Program Events.

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